Making My First Milk Chocolate Cherry Cordials

[thumbUp image=”” thumb_width=”180″ align=”left” alt=”milk chocolate cherry cordials” /] This Valentines season I fulfilled a lifetime dream of making milk chocolate cherry cordials. They always intimidated me and now I know why! The first batch I attempted to make I used a mold. Now you would think that using a mold would have made the process easier. Not in this case, the cherries were too big for the mold, but I made them fit. Next came the cream filling. I stuffed it in. They looked beautiful!

I set them aside to wait until they ripened. When I went back check on them, I was greeted with cherry juice everywhere! They practically exploded. Oh my!

I decided to try again. This time I cut the cherries and used less filling. Less mess but still leaking.

Well I wasn’t about to give up and now even more determined than before, I decided to try and make them free form. I kept the stems on the cherries and dipped them. I set them aside to ripen and hoped for the best. When I peeked in to check on them I could see the cherry juice beginning to leak out from the bottoms. Oh no, this can’t be happening!!

Without really thinking, my immediate reaction was to start double dipping the bottoms in the most silky creamy milk chocolate ever. Low and behold the most amazing cherry cordials. Huge cherries, lots of cordial, and a big chocolate bottom to hold it all in. It is an art to eat them but totally worth it!

Everyone has a different technique of eating them and I would love to hear from those of you who have enjoyed Dreimaker Chocolates, milk chocolate cherry cordials.

Please leave a comment below letting me know your technique.