Truffle “O”s


                  Chocolate "O"


                        How to

                        Experience an


                                          Lust in a bite


Start with your eyes. Choose the chocolate that is calling to you. Are you in the mood for dark or milk, coconut or pistachio? As you take the first bite, breathe in the aroma and feel the crunch of the outer layer. Now you will begin to taste the subtle nuances of flavor, rich chocolate, fresh cream. As your body heat melts the chocolate, your mouth will burst with a velvety smooth intoxicating mélange of flavors.

Satisfied? O, yes.

Will you be back for more? O, yes.yes.


Our Decadent Truffle “O”s


The Dark Chocolate “O”

Rich, velvety, deep and satisfying. Made with the finest Belgian chocolate using the traditional French technique.

The Milk Chocolate “O”

Creamy and dreamy.  Belgian  milk chocolate paired with  first quality farm fresh cream.

The Toffee Chocolate “O”

Can’t make up your mind? This one has it all! Deep dark chocolate with creamy milk chocolate rolled in crushed toffee.

The Coconut Chocolate “O”

Think of delicious melted ice cream, coconut rum and the most incredible white chocolate. This one takes you on a tropical vacation.

The Raspberry “O”

I’ve been told this one is dangerously addictive!  French raspberry purée partnered with Belgian chocolate and farm fresh cream. I agree.

The Pistachio “O”

For pistachio lovers this one is a revelation. Creamy pistachio filling, hand dipped in luxurious white chocolate and sprinkled with crushed pistachios.

Sea Salt Caramel “O”

Another impossibly creamy delight. The caramel stays with you while the sea salt dances on your tongue!